Red-tailed Hawks





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About Our Hawks:

Willow and Aspen both have wing injuries that prevent them from hunting and surviving on their own in the wild and required life-long care. Willow’s wing was so badly injured by a car strike that her entire right wing had to be amputated. Your sponsorship gives Willow and Aspen fresh whole prey, meal preparation, habitat cleaning, rearranging perching to maintain healthy feet, annual vaccines, and other veterinary care as needed.

Animal Education:

Range and Habitat: Red-tailed hawks are common throughout North America. They are often found in open country, woodlands, prairies, mountains, and roadsides. They can occur in any kind of terrain that provides both open ground for hunting and high perches.

Adaptations: Red-tailed hawks have vision that is estimated to be five times greater than humans. Their eyes are large and deep, giving them excellent distance vision, and each eye is as large as, or even slightly larger than, the bird's entire brain.

Red-tailed hawks prey on small mammals such as voles, rats, rabbits, and ground squirrels, but will also prey on other birds and reptiles, especially snakes.