We will be closing early on December 16th for a special event. Tickets can be found under the "Events" tab labeled Wild Winter Day.



Our enthusiastic Biologists combine wildlife and the State of California Academic Standards for Science in a fun and informative way to bring the Life Sciences . . . to LIFE! The information is always geared to the age of our audience. Some schools break the students into more than one group based on age or grade so we can more effectively target a particular level of understanding. Others invite all ages together while we provide the information for a broader range of understanding.
Each exciting presentation is one hour in length.

ANIMALS FROM AROUND THE WORLD – $550 + travel. Additional hour $400

Serval Wildcat, Macaw, Lizard, Tortoise, Owl or Hawk, Armadillo or Hedgehog, North American Porcupine, and a large Snake

 NORTH AMERICAN WILDLIFE – $450 + travel. Additional hour $300

North American Porcupine, Owl, Kingsnake, Rabbit, Red-tailed Hawk, Armadillo, Gopher Snake, and a California Desert Tortoise

 JR. ANIMALS FROM AROUND THE WORLD – $450 + travel. Additional hour $300

Porcupine, Owl, Armadillo, Hedgehog, Lizard, small Snake, Bunny or Chinchilla, and one of our big Bugs

 REPTILES & FRIENDS – $350 + travel. Additional hour $200

Tortoise, three Lizards, three Snakes, Tarantula, Walking Stick, and a Madagascar Hissing Cockroach