Inspire your children with  wildlife learning

Children think animals are FASCINATING! Their curiosity sparks when they see colorful fur, sprawling wings, bright glowing eyes, and pointy ears. This moment is when children are most open to learning something new. Satisfy their curiosity with our new educational program called “Species Spotlight!”

Species Spotlight is a fun way to educate and entertain children.

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This program gives your children tools to enrich their imagination, understand biology, and improve their critical thinking skills.

  • Discover seven exotic animals through video classes, including a porcupine, armadillo, sloth, and serval!
  • Inspire creativity with a biodiversity coloring book
  • Encourage critical thinking with worksheets
  • Learn geography with a world map of biodiversity

Everything your children need to spark and satisfy their sense of wonder! 

100% of the proceeds go to caring for wildlife

Your donation covers the costs of the healthcare, nutrition and housing of deserving wildlife. Some of these animals were confiscated from people who kept them as illegal pets; some owners relinquish a pet because they no longer can or want to care for their animal; and some are rehabilitated animals that are determined to be non-releasable, meaning they cannot survive in the wild. For these animals, Wildlife Learning Center in Southern California becomes their permanent home, where they receive life-long care.

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Lifetime Access


  • Seven Wildlife Videos (60 min.)
  • Animal Coloring Book
  • Animal Worksheets
  • Wildlife World Map
  • Your one-time donation provides food and care for 200 animals.
About the Program

Get Close to Wildlife


Hang upside-down with Sid and Pauley the 2-Toed Sloths

See how 2-toed sloths slowly climb trees in the rainforest with their giant claws and camouflage and repel rain with their thick hair.


Walk on your tippy toes with Tippy the 3-Banded Armadillo

Chase a 3-banded armadillo through the plains and learn how they protect themselves with hard carotin armor and by rolling into a ball.


Fly with Lucy, the Eurasian Eagle Owl

Soar across the skies with Lucy. Watch her spread her wings, grasp with her large talons, and hunt with her giant yellow eyes and hooked beak.


Trot with Sahara, the Fennec Fox

Follow Savannah across the hot dessert and learn how her giant ears and fur help her adapt to the hot climate.


Discover Trouble the African Pygmy Hedgehog

Roll into a ball and learn about the strong sense of smell used to find food.


Try to catch Slade, the African Serval

Run with Slade and learn how her spots and stripes are used for camouflage, and how her long legs help her walk above the grass and hunt for birds.


Follow Betty the North American Porcupine 

Befriend a porcupine that uses quills for protection, big claws for climbing trees and incisors for gnawing tasty tree bark.

Here's what our supporters have to say:

"My girls, 6 and 4, love watching videos on their tablet. This is a great way to teach them something new about animals and biodiversity" - Daniel, Los Angeles

"Species Spotlight helps children learn outside of the classroom. While they are doing the program I get some free time too!" Laila, Des Moines

"I watched the videos and colored the worksheets with my toddler, we had so much fun together." Dasha, New York

Let's Go!

Species Spotlight

Lifetime Access


  • Seven Wildlife Videos (60 min.)
  • Animal Coloring Book
  • Animal Worksheets
  • Wildlife World Map
  • Your one-time donation provides food and care for 200 animals.

If you aren’t completely satisfied with Species Spotlight, let us know within the first 14-days for a full refund. Call us at (818) 362-8711 or email   [email protected].