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 Our enthusiastic Biologists combine wildlife and the State of California Academic Standards for Science in a fun and informative way to bring the Life Sciences to LIFE! 
The information is always geared to the age of our audience. 

Each Exciting Lesson Is 20 Minutes In Length And Includes 4 Animals.
The Cost Is $50 For Each Lesson.

Lesson Choices:

  • Animal Classification: 
    Students will meet a variety of animals and learn about the characteristics of mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, and arthropods.
  • Animal Adaptations: 
    An adaptation is a special characteristic an animal has to help it to survive. Students will compare and contrast animals to see the adaptations they have for their vastly different environments.
  • CA Natives: 
    Students will learn about animals that are found in California. Students will learn the importance of our local wildlife and the role they play in our environment.
  • Rainforests: 
    Biomes are distinct biological communities that share a physical climate. Rainforests are one of these unique biomes. Students will learn about animals that call the rainforest home and the unique adaptations they possess to survive in such a niche.
  • Life Cycles: 
    Students will explore the changes that occur during the growth and development of animals throughout their lives and develop an understanding of the similarities and differences in the life cycles of organisms.
  • Conservation: 
    Students will learn about the different aspects of how we can conserve wildlife, why we want to conserve wildlife, and how we can use education to better our understanding of the importance of conservation.

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