Sponsor the Bobcats

Range and Habitat: Bobcats occur throughout North America, from southern Canada to southern Mexico. They are found in a variety of habitats, including forests, semi-deserts, mountains, and brushland. Bobcats are fairly common in our local foothills. 

Bobcats are solitary and territorial. They get their name form their short, bobbed tail. 

Bobcats are strict carnivores primarily preying on rabbits, rodents, and ground birds, but have sometimes been known to prey on deer!

Fun Facts: National Park Service biologists have found that nearly half of the bobcat population in the Santa Monica Mountains has died from eating prey that consumed rat poison. You can help by encouraging natural pest control. Set up an owl nest box in your area, or use snap traps instead of poison to deal with a rodent problem. 

Sponsorship Opportunity: Sur the Bobcat has injuries that prevent him from hunting and surviving on his own in the wild and requires life-long care. Your sponsorship gives Sur fresh whole prey, meal preparation, habitat cleaning, enrichment, annual vaccines, and other veterinary care as needed.