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ZooKeepers Summer Camp

August 5th - August 9th

Campers ages 9 to 12 will get an introduction to the knowledge and experience needed to work with animals.  Campers will learn about the differences between animal groups, diets, care, and enrichment!

Zoo Camp Sessions Are:

• $425 for the week and includes a WLC t-shirt!

• Meets Monday through Friday from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm

• Led by our friendly and knowledgeable staff biologists

• Limited to 10 campers each session


Day 1: Animal Classification

Welcome future Zookeepers! Campers will start their week off with a special behind the scenes tour of WLC that will acquaint them with the animals and their fellow campers! Campers will learn about the animal kingdom and how animals have relatives that biologists place in groups based on certain charac­teristics. Campers will create fun and educational take home crafts!

Day 2: Zoo Nutrition

Carnivores, Omnivores, and Herbivores, oh my!  Campers will learn how an animal’s teeth can indicate what it eats in the wild. With some basic knowledge of the function of different types of teeth, campers will determine what certain animals eat! The campers will then join their biologist counselor in the diet preparation room and work together to create nutritious diets for some of our animals! They’ll have a blast feeding the animals the diets they created and observing how the animals use differ­ent senses to find their food.

Day 3: Habitats and Ecosystems

Campers will learn about habitats and ecosystems and meet animals from rainforests, temperate for­ests, deserts, and the unique chaparral ecosystem of Southern California. Campers will enter some enclosures and main­tain the animals’ zoo habitats and learn about what it takes to care for rescued wildlife. To be a zookeeper, the campers will learn what’s needed to keep animals happy and healthy in their environment.

Day 4: Behavioral Enrichment

By learning about animal senses and how animals use their senses in the wild, campers will use this information to encourage natural behaviors to stimulate and enrich their lives at WLC. Campers will even help make enrichment items for the animals, and then watch the animals investigate and enjoy their en­richment!

Day 5: Educational Outreach

Part of our mission at WLC is to connect people with animals. By day 5, campers will have gained enough knowledge and experience to become wildlife teachers! Campers will develop a relationship with cer­tain animals, so that together, they can participate in a special animal presentation for their families and friends!