$425.00 USD

ZooKids Summer Camp

June 24 - June 28:

Campers age 6-8 will love this fun and exciting look into the world of animals. Campers will spend the week exploring the diversity of wildlife, animal diets, habitats, and enrichment!

Zoo Camp Sessions Are:

• $425 for the week and includes a WLC t-shirt!

• Meets Monday through Friday from 9:00am to 1:00pm

• Led by our friendly and knowledgeable staff biologists

• Limited to 10 campers each session


Day 1: Types of Animals

Campers explore hands-on activities to learn about the difference between mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, and arthropods (bugs!) WLC’s animal ambassadors are the teachers who create a visual and memorable learning experience.Campers learn these concepts through activities and crafts!

Day 2: Animal Appetites

Campers explore how animals use their vision, hearing, vocalizations, touch, and smell to find their food and how their specialized teeth help them eat. A nature walk around WLC highlights our nontoxic (animal-safe) plants. After the campers know their animal appetite  information, they’re ready to play games to figure out which diet belongs to which animal. Once they determine the diets, campers will feed and observe our animals eating their nutri­tious lunches.

Day 3: Animal Homes

What is a person’s habitat? What is an animal’s habitat? What do animals need in their habitat? These are the questions campers will explore to help them learn about animal homes. Campers will enter enclosures (once our animals are safely removed for the visit!) and explore what animals need in their homes. Campers will learn that animals come from different environments such as forests, deserts and jungles and require special accommodations for their home. Campers will learn about adaptations and that cer­tain animals look and act the way that they do to help them to survive in their particular habitat.

Day 4: Animal Fun and Games

How do people play? How do animals play? Campers will explore these questions and get a peek into the many ways we enrich the lives of the animals at WLC. Campers will make behavioral enrichment items that challenge the animals’ abilities and stimulate them the same way they would be in the wild, without the dangers of living in the wild. Campers will also get to watch the animals enjoy their cre­ative enrichment items!

Day 5: Campers Become the Teachers!

By day 5, the campers have learned so much from the animals that they’re ready to be the teachers! The campers and their new animal friends will share everything they’ve learned by performing a special animal presentation for their families, friends, and other campers!