In just a few months, our new addition will be turning one and... without a name!

We want YOUR help naming our baby two-toed sloth.

Every $10 donated will count as one vote, so the more you donate the more likely your choice will get picked!

Additionally, if you donate $100 or more your name will go in a raffle to have a special meet-and-greet with the baby sloth and your name on a plaque outside his new home in recognition of your support. Every increment of $100 will give you another ticket in the raffle for the special meet-and-greet.

Donation's will go towards creating his new habitat at Wildlife Learning Center. Since sloths are typically solitary animals, and males tend to isolate themselves, we are looking to build a new home so our dad and son have their own space to hang around. We are setting a goal of raising $15,000 for this new habitat. The habitat must be temperature-controlled with warm, humid air and climbing structures to simulate their natural rain forest environment.

We have three name options below. If interested in being a part of this baby-naming donation, please click on your favorite name. We will give updates throughout the month via social media regarding top name choices and how far away we are from meeting our goal. Voting ends March 31st. We look forward to revealing our new addition's name!



Being located in Los Angeles, the city of Angels, we felt it necessary to include the Spanish word for sloth, oso perezoso, meaning lazy bear or slow poke. We find it quite fitting to name him Oso.


A few months ago, our baby sloth took a trip to the Jennifer Hudson Show where a guest suggested naming him Hudson. Therefore, we had to have the name Hudson in the running.


Since sloths are known for being slow-moving, we thought "Dash" would be a fun play on words for a name. As the saying goes, "Flash Flash Hundred Yard Dash".